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Pierre Chapo Custom Made 'Chlacc' Highboard in Elm

Sale price$23,500.00

Pierre Chapo, wardrobe from the series 'Chacc', elm, brass, France, 1979-1989

Unique highboard designed by Pierre Chapo for a private client. This piece easily catches the eye of the viewer with its rhythmic, asymmetrical doors. The three doors give access to the large amount of storage space. Behind the two doors on the left you find a rod for hanging garments, and the right door shows shelves from top to bottom behind it. Made in Chapo's preferred material, a soft elm with beautiful grain, this piece is clearly recognizable as a piece of his hand.

This piece is part of the 'Chlacc' system (Construction Homogène Lamélle Assemblée Collée Cloué, or Homegenous Laminated Assembled Glued Nailed Construction). With this system, Pierre Chapo developed his own patented wood-joining technique. Chapo took lengths of solid wood and would glue them together to create different-sized surfaces and volumes.

Pierre Chapo (1927-1987) was born in a family of craftsmen and trained as an architect at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Already from a young age, he felt the need to roam the world. He was only twenty-one when he left France in order to spend the next few years traveling through England and Scandinavia. In December of 1951, he was living back in Paris, where he met his future wife, Nicole. Their meeting was the beginning of a lifelong union. Together, the lovebirds travelled through South and North America being captivated by the architectural diversity. Back in France, he and his partner Nicole set up Société Chapo in 1957. Société Chapo was a design workshop and gallery in one where he showed his own creations. However, Nicole also presented her ceramics, and textiles here and they even exhibited other great designers of that period. In 1958, they opened their famous gallery at 14 Boulevard de l'Hopital. Chapo's work originated by means of special commissions that could later be adapted to universal needs. Throughout his career, Chapo combined his interest for contemporary design with his love for traditional craftsmanship. In his designs, he was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's balanced lines, Corbusier's research on proportions and the ideas of Bauhaus. The three principles that motivated Pierre Chapo were 'material, form, and function.' He measured his furniture by means of golden ratio and used elmwood as his preferred material. Unfortunately, Chapo fell ill, and he died in 1987, however, until his last day, he kept on designing and working.

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Product Details

  • condition Good
  • creator Pierre Chapo (Designer)
  • date of manufacture 1979-1989
  • dimensions Height 181 cm Width 189 cm Depth 61.5 cm
  • dimensions Height 71.26 in. Width 74.41 in. Depth 24.22 in.
  • material Brass Elm
  • origin France
  • period 1970-1979
  • style Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)
  • barcode 50114873