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Ernesto Valabrega Set of Six Dining Chairs with Biosca Dining Table

Sale price$22,000.00

Dining room set consisting of a set of six dining chairs by Ernesto Valabrega paired with a dining table by Biosca
Ernesto Valabrega, set of six dining chairs, oak, leather, iron, Italy, 1930s

These well-sculpted chairs are designed by Italian Art Deco master Ernesto Valabrega. The chairs clearly reflect the designer's excellent taste for form and expert craftsmanship. These chairs feature a simplistic frame with a seat made in straps of patinated leather. The backrest shows the artist’s hand and his movement to treat the wood, resulting in beautiful and intricate carvings. The strips of patinated leather are attached to the frame with the use of brass studs.

Italian designer Ernesto Valabrega (1901-1944) was born in Turin, as the son of celebrated designer and cabinetmaker Vittorio Valabrega (1861-1952). His father Vittorio was, together with his brother, the founder of Fratelli Valabrega (Valabrega Brothers Company, since 1884) that was situated in Turin. During the 1890s, Vittorio became the sole owner of the company and had great success with his refined wooden furniture. Vittorio Valabrega became well-known for his furniture in the floral Art Nouveau style, but as a true child of the 19th century, his company also manufactured furniture in Neo-Renaissance and the French Rococo Louis XV-style. His designs received positive attention and were awarded at World Exhibitions. At the famous exhibition in Paris in 1900, Vittorio even received a gold medal. It was at the age of 24 that Ernesto got on board with his father’s business. His involvement from 1925 onwards had a great impact on the company. Ernesto decided to change the company’s name to Mobilart in 1928 and radically redirected the course. Whereas Vittorio was inspired by a variety of contemporary and historic styles, Ernesto chose for a different approach. He renounced the 19th century mixture of styles and approached furniture design in the same manner as the highly influential William Morris of the English Arts and Crafts movement. Their reform was an artistic reaction to the widespread industrialization of the 19th century. Ernesto despised products of poor quality and chose high quality materials that would last a lifetime. The furniture he created in the late 1920s and 1930s are a true testament to his beliefs. With his irregular carvings of oakwood, the hammered hinges, flowing edges, embossed surfaces his furniture shows quality, attention to detail and ultimate craftsmanship.

Please note that these chairs are in used condition. One strap of one of the seats is currently loose and needs to be repaired. A few brass nails are missing from the sides. All of the signs of wear and use are common for pieces of this age. Restoring the strap can be done in our in-house atelier. Please reach out to our design specialists for more detailed information. Of course, a locally organized repair is always an option.

Dimensions chair: listed on the page.
Biosca, dining table, stained pine, iron, Spain, 1960s

Outstanding Spanish dining table that is executed by Biosca in an architectural way. The two bases feature a geometrical carved pattern, giving the table a graphic texture. This is very typical for Brutalist style, while the type of pattern has references to the Spanish Revival style of the 19th century. The cross stretchers provide support and add an extra dimension. The pine has a natural expression due to the visible wood grains and warm tone. An outstanding piece of furniture that deserves a prominent place in one's living room.

Dimensions table: H 73 W 190 D 79.7 cm / H 28.74 W 74.80 D 31.38 in.

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Product Details

  • condition Good
  • creator BIOSCA (Manufacturer)
  • date of manufacture 1930s/1960s
  • dimensions Height 35.44 in. Width 18.31 in. Depth 20.28 in. Seat Height 17.33 in.
  • dimensions Height 90 cm Width 46.5 cm Depth 51.5 cm Seat Height 44 cm
  • material Iron Leather Oak Pine
  • origin Europe
  • period 20th Century
  • style
  • barcode 50114515 + 50115106