Unique Italian Art Deco Pair of Lounge Chairs in Walnut Burl and Velvet


Pair of armchairs, walnut burl, velvet, fabric, Italy, 1930s.
This unique pair of easy chairs is designed according to the Art Deco principles that were in vogue in the 1930s. While the furniture's overall visual appearance was undoubtedly modern, the movement's geometric patterns, emphasis on simplicity of form, and preference for honest expression of materials were all clearly influenced by Oriental aesthetics. An Oriental principle that is evident in the early work of notable designers like Gaetano Borsani & Osvaldo Borsani (Atelier di Varedo) Paolo Buffa, Tomaso Buzzi and, Alfonso Liporesi, is the exploration of the inherent richness of the wooden materials they employed for their intrinsic decorative quality. This chair presented here exemplifies the fusion of Art Deco and Orientalism, as evidenced by the geometric frame reminiscent of Chinese labyrinths and the use of walnut burl wood, which showcases expressive veins and rich hues. The upholstery of this piece showcases a distinctive pattern of whimsical lines rendered in a natural color palette, with red-brown and beige colors predominating. This type of pattern was commonly utilized by Italian Art Deco artists. These ornamental and constructive characteristics serve as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and aesthetic sensibilities that were prevalent during the period in which these chairs were created.

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Product Details

  • condition Good
  • date of manufacture 1930s
  • dimensions Height 28.75 in. Width 31.5 in. Depth 31.5 in.
  • dimensions Height 73 cm Width 80 cm Depth 80 cm
  • material Burl Fabric Velvet
  • origin Italy
  • period 1930-1939
  • style Art Deco (Of the Period)
  • barcode 50112987