Pierre Cardin Transformative 'Éventail' Coffee Table in Mahogany


Pierre Cardin for Francia, 'Eventail (fan) coffee table, mahogany, France, 1984

A rare masterpiece designed by the the groundbreaking fashion designer Pierre Cardin (1922 - 2020). Cardin was a world famous fashion designer, but also enjoyed great succes in the field of furniture design. Entitled "Eventail," which translates to "Fan," this table is a limited edition creation, with only a total of 80 pieces in existence. The specific table in question bears the number 12. The design embraces a metamorphic soul that marries both functionality and poetical composition. Through his manipulation of volumes and forms, Cardin was able to create pieces that fulfilled practical needs while retaining an eccentric and stylish allure. The table's construction features three leaves, each situated at a distinct height and capable of independent 360-degree rotation, hence the name "Fan." This design allows the user to create a cascade-like composition, imbuing the piece with a dynamic and visually captivating quality. Alternatively, the leaves can be concealed, resulting in a solid, cohesive entity. Crafted from mahogany, with its pronounced grains and rich hues gracing the surface, the table exudes a luxurious aesthetic. The piece bears the signature of Pierre Cardin, denoted as "Pierre Cardin. 12/80 ."
The width when the table is fully extended: 117 cm / 46.06 inches

The mahogany type of this piece does not require an export license.

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Product Details

  • condition Good
  • creator Francia (Manufacturer) Pierre Cardin (Designer)
  • date of manufacture 1984
  • dimensions Height 16.54 in. Width 33.47 in. Depth 27.56 in.
  • dimensions Height 42 cm Width 85 cm Depth 70 cm
  • material Mahogany
  • origin France
  • period 1980-1989
  • style Post-Modern (Of the Period)
  • barcode 50114717