Ico Parisi Colorful Bookcase Model '457' in Wood and Metal

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Ico Parisi for Angelo De Baggis, bookcase model 457, lacquered wood, mahogany, brass, Italy, 1955

Beautiful small bookcase designed by Ico Parisi. This open bookcase with four shelves in different colors has a low height of 108cm. Originally it was designed for a boy's bedroom and therefore it was created to be easily accessible for children. The shelves can be arranged to your own liking in the way that the order of colors can be changed. But not only the colorful appearance catches the eye. Also the way the shelves end in a round shape that reminds of a handle serves not only the functional need to prevent items to fall over but also it has a decorative aspect.

Ico Parisi (1916-1996) is one of the pioneers who helped shape postwar Italian design. Parisi is now known for fluent, curved and delicate simplified modern design. In Italy, reform took place not in a new institute such as the Bauhaus, but in the sophisticated upperclass private spaces. Here paths crossed of Ponti, Campigli, Melotti and also Ico and his wife Luisa. At the age of twenty Parisi graduates from the Istituto Tecnico G. Castellini as an Industrial Head Technician. According to Parisi himself, his first design dates from this time. He also starts to work as a painter and photographer before he had to work as a soldier in the war. His life really starts after the war when he meet his wife Luisa Aiani. From here onwards his designs are recognized and exhibited and he starts to collaborate with MIM Roma in 1958 and Stildomus in 1959.

VAT within the EU: When buying or delivering an item within the EU, VAT usually applies and will be added.

Product details

  • Condition Good
  • Creator Ico Parisi
  • Date of Manufacture 1955
  • Dimensions Height 108 cm Width 106 cm Depth 24 cm
  • Dimensions Height 42.52 in. Width 41.74 in. Depth 9.45 in.
  • Manufacturer Brugnoli Mobili Cantú
  • Period Mid-20th Century
  • Place of Origin Italy
  • Style Mid-Century Modern Of the Period